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CILNI provides a range of services to disabled people, including older people, people with learning disability and mental health service users.

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Our services help disabled people choosing to take more control over their arrangements for personal support.

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  • De-Institutionalisation

    I have heard this term used extensively over the past week or so, or at least an alternative form of the word and what was to me a new term: de-congregation. This new language that I was experiencing was at the United Nations in Vienna, where I was attending the Zero Conference, whose aim is

    14th March 2019
  • Personal assistance provided within the family

    We know from our service users, many disabled people choose to employ a family member to provide their personal assistance. Researchers in Sweden, who explored the relationships between disabled people and their PAs, found this has many advantages for both parties. Disabled people who took part in the study reported feeling this was a good

    8th March 2019
  • Being a Personal Assistant Can Be Good For You

    It’s one of the most demanding and exhausting roles anyone can have but its also among the most loving, life-affirming and rewarding.  Caring for someone can be full of challenges and an emotional roller-coaster.  You need extra reserves of patience at times, and good friends to confide in. Personal Assistants offer more than physical assistance

    4th March 2019
  • Disability Justice is More Than Campaigning for Accessibility

    Heavens knows, I have engaged in the challenges of disability access for nearly a decade now and I know that I have peers for whom this has been a longer campaign. Yet despite all of our efforts in this area, we appear to be no further forward than when I first began. The battle for

    12th February 2019

Working to support disabled people,
choosing to take more control over their arrangements.