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CILNI provides a range of services to disabled people, including older people, people with learning disability and mental health service users.

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Explore our job page and discover jobs that make a real difference to people living with a disability.

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Our services help disabled people choosing to take more control over their arrangements for personal support.

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Direct payments and Self Directed Support

Information on all aspects of independent living and Direct Payments.

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Centre for Independent Living NI
Working together to enhance independence


  • Assistive Technology to help employees achieve more in the Workplace

    The concept of assistive technology to help employees achieve more in the workplace is nothing new. It’s the portability of many of the assistive devices which is the relatively new trend having a big impact on how we work. Time was, that all assistive tech devices were big, clunky pieces of equipment. They were often

    22nd July 2019
  • ILMI Leader Manual Launch

    On the 20th June, we attended the ILMI Leader Manual Launch. ILMI Chair, Shelly Gaynor, opened the event with an overview of the relevancy of the resource to everyday life. James Cawley, ILMI Policy Officer, then provided the technical details. It was the piloting of the training rollout for the Leader Manual, by he and

    22nd July 2019
  • Austen Burns’ Visit to The Centre For Independent Living in Cambodia

    Austen Burns, Information Office at CILNI, has recently returned from an informative visit to the Centre for Independent Living in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. The purpose of Austen’s visit was to learn more about the invaluable work of the centre, which is similar to what CILNI do in Northern Ireland. In Cambodia, the centre looks to

    22nd July 2019
  • The 5 Rs of Independent Living

    Rate it! provide product reviews by and for disabled people and offer disabled people a space to share their views and reviews of products that can help increase independence and make life a little bit easier. Laura Horton, a Rate it! partner recently outlined the 5 Rs to help you live more independently.   Representation

    4th July 2019

Working to support disabled people,
choosing to take more control over their arrangements.