CILNI Payroll Service update

Over the last six months we have taken forward our plan to bring the Payroll Service in-house, with the team now well settled in Beechill Road.  Transferring a business of this scale was a major undertaking and particularly challenging to keep the service running smoothly over the busy Christmas holiday period.  Many thanks to our all payroll users for their patience and understanding during the busy transfer time and apologies if you experienced any inconvenience or delay.   We are confident that any teething difficulties have been sorted out and that we will continue to deliver an efficient, reliable service.

Last Payroll of the Year – March 2017

As we approach the end of the 2016/17 tax year, the final payroll will be due in March.  It is very important to ensure the accuracy of this final payroll as changes can seriously affect the HMRC year end declarations along with your employees P60’s.

Update your contact information

The payroll service has experienced a growth in those who prefer or are willing to communicate with the Payroll Service via email.  If anyone has an interest in communicating with the service by email then forward your email address to or call 028 9064 8546.