Deena Nimick to visit and help support disabled people in Uberlandia, Brazil

In July, my husband Jim, daughter Lydia, family friend Milene and I are looking forward to visiting our friends Zaca and Alenita, pastors of Sal da Terra Aurora Church, Uberlandia in Brazil.  I asked Alenita how easy is it for people within her community to access wheelchairs (their church is in a more deprived part of the city) because as a disabled person, with mobility difficulties, I know how essential having access to a wheelchair is to maintain a good quality of life.  I was sad when Alenita explained that many people who need wheelchairs simply cannot afford them.  In addition, if someone has a wheelchair and they need to change it (e.g. as they grow older, as in the case of Mateus in the photograph), it is difficult to meet the cost of a replacement wheelchair.  Additionally buying a good second hand wheelchair in Uberlandia is extremely difficult.

We therefore decided to respond to the difficulties that some disabled people, known to the pastors, are experiencing and “Wheels for Brazil” was born.  So far, Zaca and Alenita have made arrangements for us to meet 7 disabled people and their families.  Using a number of local and international contacts we are determined to ensure the new friends we will meet in Brazil will get the wheelchairs they need.