ILMI Leader Manual Launch

On the 20th June, we attended the ILMI Leader Manual Launch. ILMI Chair, Shelly Gaynor, opened the event with an overview of the relevancy of the resource to everyday life. James Cawley, ILMI Policy Officer, then provided the technical details. It was the piloting of the training rollout for the Leader Manual, by he and Eileen Daly, which really brings the document to life.

ILMI CEO, Damien Walshe, also spoke about the heart of the manual and the sterling work of Susan O’Brien, our super staff member in the West, in pulling it all together. Damien sketched out the importance of the document and how it came about. Detailing the many leaders who contributed and the authentic rights-based Independent Living Philosophy which underpins the finished. In short, it is a document By Leaders for Leaders.

The Leader Manual is for everyone. Feel free to make it yours or to share it around, whether you have a PA service, want a PA service or are curious for someone you know. To talk to someone about the training, just drop us a message on the email address below.

The launch was also recorded on Facebook Live, so you can check it out here.