Launch of CILNI Vision 2024

During 2019 the CILNI board embarked on a period of consultation with service users, staff and others to see what we wanted to achieve by 2024. What direction should the organisation take?  As a charity representing the interests of direct payment users should we continue to DELIVER SERVICES that are customised for disabled people OR should we do more activities around CAMPAIGNING and ADVOCACY to help shape and influence government policy around barrier-free society?  As a result of these discussions, our new VISION 2024 has now been launched.

Our long-term vision remains “to live in a world where disability is not a disadvantage”.

Our mission is “to empower disabled people to live independently in an inclusive society through delivering quality services and campaigning for change”

Over the previous three years CILNI went through a significant period of organizational change which included the retirement of the founding director and chair, the appointment of a new chair and chief executive, the re-structuring of the charity in terms of the management team, and the transition of the payroll service, staff and information.

The strapline for our new vision is “ to promote choice, control and independence for disabled people”.


So over the next five years, we will continue to deliver customised services for disabled people to help them live independently, but with a greater focus on campaigning for change.

Our Vision 2014 sets out how we will achieve our goals:

  1. We will CONNECT disabled people by co-producing new services solutions and developing digital solutions
  2. We will PROMOTE the voice of disabled people by increasing public awareness of independent living, the challenges disabled people face and ensuring we have effective communication systems
  3. We will use personal experience to INFORM and influence government policy through a strong evidence base
  4. We will PROVIDE effective services such as advice, information, advocacy, training, recruitment support and payroll service
  5. We will STRENGTHEN and expand our service user and membership base

Our new ideas to help deliver our vision over the next few years include:

  1. A new A – Z directory of independent living resources and support.  We have a co-producing project team currently looking at this and we hope to launch in 2020
  2. A new Independent Advocacy Service to be launched next year which will help our service users to access the level of social care they require
  3. New recruitment resources to help employers of PAs to recruit PAs. is one of many resources that can be used and we have a co-producing project team working on various ideas
  4. New campaigns which puts independent living in the centre of the political and policy agenda
  5. Increasing our digital footprint so that our internal and external communication is enhanced

We would be pleased if you can join us in our journey to achieve our Vision 2024. You can join us in a number of ways:

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