The features of a good payroll service provider

A checklist for selecting a payroll service provider to help you manage your Direct Payments

CILNI provides a one-stop-shop payroll service that is fully integrated with the CILNI Independent Living Advice Service.  The CILNI Independent Living Advisers can help new direct payment users to complete all the paperwork to become a new employer but also provide advice on a range of additional services and opportunities available to the person receiving care.

CILNI has over fifteen years’ experience providing a payroll service for direct payment users.  CILNI’s payroll staff have over 25 years’ experience in payroll administration and is accredited to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), the governing body for professional payroll staff.

If you decide not to use CILNI’s payroll service to manage the payments to your employees, it is important that you choose a provider that is able to fulfill all of your legal obligations as an employer and everything that goes with it.

Should you decide not to use the CINI payroll service, then this checklist will highlight all the main points that you should consider when selecting an alternative payroll service provider to help manage the payments to your employees and associated costs.

So where do you start

  1. Gather as much information as possible about the people you are trusting to undertake this important process. Search online and check for any posts on social media that are linked to the payroll service provider to help you make an informed decision
  2. Check for an official website of the company/organisation and that they have a company number, charity registration or other credentials such as a good track record.
  3. Look for reviews and comments about the service online and check their profile on social media and read any posts, likes and shares.

General Requirements

Your chosen provider should

  1. Have a detailed and in-depth understanding of direct payments and how it works as well as being able to sign post you in the correct direction should something go wrong.
  2. Have experienced and knowledgeable staff who able to deal with the most complex issues.
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of HMRC and the PAYE system that operates in the UK
  4. Be fully capable of registering you as an employer and comfortable with acting as your agent in matters relating to HMRC and other governing bodies including The Pensions Regulator
  5. Comply with GDPR regulations and ensure that any data held is secure.

For example:-

– At CILNI our payroll team have over fifteen years’ experience in registering new employers and setting up new payroll accounts for direct payment users

-The team liaises daily with The Pensions Regulator and there are dedicated staff to communicate directly with HMRC

-Specialist staff set up new employers and a sympathetic and dedicated team liaise directly with clients and HMRC in relation to closing down a payroll service in any eventuality.

Your payroll service provider should be able to 

  1. Calculate wages accurately
  2. Provide properly broken down pay slips
  3. Tell you what is owed to HMRC for PAYE in relation to Tax and National Insurance
  4. Prepare HMRC returns and submit them on time to avoid potential penalties
  5. Ensure your staff are paid at or above the National Minimum Wage
  6. Ensure your staff are enrolled in a pension scheme when it is appropriate and in line with the current legislation
  7. To answer and deal with any queries relating to your payroll
  8. Be able to explain and answer any question you may have

Your chosen provider should be

  1. Fully up to date with UK legislation and operate an HMRC-compliant payroll system allowing for changes
  2. Accountable to the standards and legislation set down by governing bodies including Health and Social Care Trusts, HMRC and The Pensions Regulator
  3. Adaptable, helpful and understanding
  4. Patient, approachable and caring
  5. Sympathetic and empathetic to each client in each situation
  6. Knowledgeable
  7. Accessible
  8. Good value for money

CILNI has been providing a bespoke and integrated payroll service for direct benefits users for over fifteen years and offers all the features that a client would expect to receive from a professional payroll bureau.

For further information about the CILNI payroll service please contact: Email:- Telephone:- 02890648546 (option 2)