Learning and Development Resources for Personal Assistants

Training PAs is a great way to develop and motivate your staff to improve the standard of care they provide.  Training can offer different perspectives, ideas, tips and new thought processes. It can also give PAs the ability to develop themselves, learn new skills and improve satisfaction in their role.

Regular learning and development will help ensure workers can remain up-to-date with best practices to provide the best care and support.

There are so many benefits of investing in learning and development for your staff:

  • Enable staff to deliver good and outstanding care
  • Improve workforce competence and productivity
  • Develop aspiring leaders
  • Improve recruitment and retention rates

This can be achieved using resources that have been developed specifically for those working in health and social care which are available online.

Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC)

NISCC has developed a range of free learning resources to support you.

The Learning Resource section of their website offers various training options such as Resilience and Well Being for Social Care Workers, Shielding, Social Isolation and Staying Connected, and Safeguarding.


So, for example, the resources relating to Values and Behaviours and Person-Centred Practice provides bite-size chunks of key information on values and behaviours including person-centred practice. There are also a range of embedded links to relevant websites, videos/animations, documents and booklets to support you to further develop your PA’s knowledge and understanding.

NISCC Domiciliary Care Toolkit App

This Mobile App was designed for domiciliary care workers, supported living workers and their managers. It can also be used by families and individuals who are supporting individuals.

Included in the App is information on standards and values, safeguarding, health and wellbeing and dementia, delirium and palliative care. There are also scenario-based exercises from practice and relevant videos and other information to enhance understanding and improve service delivery.

The App provides information in a succinct/bite-size format and acts as a quick reference tool to help refresh learning, as and when the worker needs it.

Ongoing learning will help ensure workers can remain up-to-date with best practice, and develop and refresh their knowledge and skills.


These resources can help to improve your relationship with your employees and allow you to structure some training to suit your own needs. Your PA can feel more able to support you and your needs will be better met.


Identifying the learning and development needs of your employees and planning the training can take time but, if this is done well, it can improve the quality of care and support, empowering staff to develop their skills and drive improvement.


Why not start planning?