Payroll Update

With Christmas around the corner and in anticipation of office closures over the festive period, we are writing to ask that you send us an advance notice of any changes to your December payroll by 11th December 2020.

We appreciate that this may require you to make a forecast that might later be inaccurate but we can make the necessary adjustments in the New Year. We will not be able to offer any adjustments or corrections in December after payroll has been processed and HMRC has been informed.

We are aware that there is an increasing demand for payroll paperwork to be posted out to you, even as the pandemic continues. We are following government guidance and as such our staff are working from home and do not have direct access to our internal post system.


If your employees require copies of their payslips you can forward them the payslips we have emailed to you. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused as we are aware employers need to submit quarterly returns to Trust finance. In this instance we have provided an email address for each Trust finance office so you can forward your paperwork to your respective Trust.


South Eastern Western
Christine Holmes Mary Gallan
Direct Payments Monitoring Direct Payments Finance Officer
T & F Hospital
Bank & Cash Office 1 Donaghanine Road
Finance Building Omagh
Church   Street BT79 0NS
BT23 4AS 028 8283 5343
028 9151 2082 Ext:   89082



Belfast Northern
Kasturi Kada Padraic Magill
Dorothy Gardiner Unit, NHSCT Financial Assessments
Knockbracken Healthcare Park, Greenmount House
Saintfield Road Woodside Industrial Estate
Belfast Ballymena
BT8 8BH BT42 4QJ
028 9504 6607 028 2563 5333 Ext: 347086


DP Monitoring Team Ghana House
Daisy Hill Hospital 5 Hospital Road Newry
BT35 8DR
028 3756 0249


We are also aware that some employers are finding it difficult to pay HMRC. We have provided the details for paying HMRC either via cheque or bank transfer.


Paying HMRC via cheque:

The address is: HMRC, Direct, BX5 5BD

Write both of these reference numbers on the back of the cheque:

-PAYE ( this is found on the employee’s payslip under the employers name )

-Accounts Off Ref ( this is a 13 digit number located on the left side of the employers payslip or P30 in the box labelled reference )


Paying HMRC via bank transfer:

Account name HMRC Cumbernauld Sort Code 08-32-10

Account number 12001039

Ref (this is a 13 digit number located on the left side of the employers payslip or P30 in the box labelled reference)