Debbie and Irene celebrate 20 years of service

We recently recognised the long service of two of our loyal employees who have been working at CILNI since the organisation was established in 2001.

Debbie and Irene were both appointed as CIL Belfast employees in August 2001, the same year the charity was established.  (CIL Belfast changed its name to Centre for Independent Living NI in 2004). In 2001, CIL had only 4 employees.  This number has grown considerably over the 20 years to 40 employees today.

Irene was initially employed as a Support Worker for Paul Anderson until Paul left CILNI  in 2011.  Irene stayed with the organisation as an Independent Living Support Worker.

Both Debbie and Irene worked out of the NICVA building at Duncairn Gds, Belfast  from 2001 to 2010 before moving to our current headquarters in Linden House, Beechill Business Park in 2010. Over the past 20 years they have worked alongside two CEOs; Philomena McCrory from 2001 – 2017 and Bryan Myles from 2018 – present.

Both Debbie and Irene have been integral to the organisation’s growth and success ever since it started back in September 2001. From all of us at CILNI, we’d like to thank Debbie and Irene for their continuous service.