Social care Personal Assistants to receive a pro-rata payment of up to £500

As with recognition payments to other health and social care workers, personal assistants will receive a pro-rata payment of up to a maximum of £500, depending on the number of hours they work in an average week.

Those eligible to receive the recognition payment must have been employed for a continuous four-week period between March 17, 2020 and January 31, 2021, as personal assistants. Eligible people will fall within one of the following categories:

  • personal assistants employed via direct payments/SDS from Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCTs); and
  • self-employed personal assistants.
  • personal assistants employed by Independent Living Fund recipients in Northern Ireland;
  • personal assistants employed by the Thalidomide survivors in NI via the Thalidomide Health Grant;

NI Health Minister Robin Swann said the scheme acknowledges and thanks health and social care staff for their “immeasurable and vital contribution” throughout the pandemic.

He said: “Personal assistants are a vital part of our health and social care workforce and they have our utmost gratitude. We have developed the online platform so that the process can be as simple, straightforward and as speedily delivered  as possible for applicants.”

Read the NI Department of Health press release here