About us

Centre for Independent Living NI, which was set up in 2001 as Centre for Independent Living- Belfast, is an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. We work to promote the principles of independent living and, in particular, to provide a range of services for people using or considering using Direct Payments and/or Self-Directed Support.

Our vision is to create a world where disability is not a disadvantage, as envisaged by the social model of disability.

In accordance with our constitution, CILNI’s Management Board is made up entirely of disabled people who, throughout their working lives, have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the workings of Government, the Health and Personal Social Services, governance of voluntary organisations, banking, accountancy and law. Through regular board meetings, the board is actively involved overseeing the governance, financial and operational control of CILNI.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver a range of quality services, which meet the needs of disabled people in Northern Ireland.

Our strategy

We will connect disabled people to each other and with other people

We will promote CILNI through listening and providing opportunities for disabled people to be heard

We will use personal experience to help inform and influence government policy

We will ensure CILNI services are appropriate and of a high quality

We will expand CILNI membership through recruiting new members and retaining existing members

The Centre for Independent Living provides a range of services to disabled people, including older people, people with learning disability and mental health service users.

Self Directed Support helped me get my confidence and independence back. It meant I didn’t have to completely rely on my family for support. Having a PA has enabled me to start living my life independently.

Katy Megahey
Service User

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