Coronavirus FAQs

Knowledge Base Category: Coronavirus FAQs

Information for service users concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19)

  1. What is the Government’s expectation on furloughing of PA’s? – Updated 28/5/2020
  2. PPE – Are there any local firms supplying affordable Face Shields? – Updated 28/4/2020
  3. Can I get a Covid-19 Test Kit for my PA? – Updated 24/4/20
  4. As a Direct Payment user where can I get access to PPE? – Updated 24/4/2020
  5. What is the telephone number of my Employment Insurance Company 24 Hour Employment Law Advice Line? – Updated 9/4/2020
  6. What is my local HST Trust doing to help me, or who do I contact? – Updated 6/4/2020
  7. Part of my care is through a Care Agency, what do I do? Updated – 6/4/2020
  8. Do I Furlough a Self-Employed PA? – Updated 28/5/2020
  9. Can I put my PA(s) on Furlough, as I am isolating at home and my family is providing my care and support? Updated 6/4/2020?
  10. Will Passes of some sort be provided, so PA’s can prove they are traveling to essential work? – Updated 31/3/2020
  11. If I have surplus in my DP budget, can surplus funds be used for items such as PPE to control infection without getting permission from Trust? – Updated 24/4/2020
  12. Will payments of Direct Payment continue into bank accounts? If so, for how long? Updated 24/4/2020
  13. Should my PA be coming into work if they live with someone who has symptoms of Coronavirus? – Updated 27/3/2020
  14. Is it safe for my personal assistant to come to work during the Epidemic? – Updated 27/3/2020
  15. Do my employees need a sick note for a Coronavirus-related absence? – Updated 27/3/2020
  16. My Personal Assistant is Pregnant, what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  17. My PA is self-isolating because they have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever/new & continuous cough), what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  18. My PA doesn’t meet the earnings threshold, therefore not eligible for SSP, but self-isolating – shall I pay SSP anyway? – updated 24/4/2020
  19. Is my Personal Assistant a key worker? – Updated 27/3/2020
  20. If only one of my PA’s is self-isolating – where do the other PA’s stand? – Updated 27/3/2020
  21. My PA has rang in sick, what shall I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  22. As an employer my household is in self-isolation. Do i have to pay the Personal Assistant? – Updated 27/3/2020
  23. Is my employee entitled to sick pay if they are self-isolating for 12 weeks? – Updated 27/3/2020
  24. As a Service User I am self-isolating and therefore asking the PA to stay away from my home. What do I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  25. What if a family member who my PA lives with has symptoms of Coronavirus. What should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  26. I have a pre-existing condition or suppressed immune system, what should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020