Coronavirus FAQs

Knowledge Base Category: Coronavirus FAQs

Information for service users concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19)

  1. Will Passes of some sort be provided, so PA’s can prove they are travelling to essential work? – Updated 31/3/2020
  2. If I have surplus in my DP budget, can surplus funds be used for items such as PPE to control infection without getting permission from Trust? – Updated 31/3/2020
  3. Will payments of Direct Payment continue into bank accounts? If so, for how long? Updated 31/3/2020
  4. Should my PA be coming into work if they live with someone who has symptoms of Coronavirus? – Updated 27/3/2020
  5. Is it safe for my personal assistant to come to work during the Epidemic? – Updated 27/3/2020
  6. Do my employees need a sick note for a Coronavirus-related absence? – Updated 27/3/2020
  7. My Personal Assistant is Pregnant, what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  8. My PA had recently returned from an affected area, what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  9. My PA is self-isolating because they have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever/new & continuous cough), what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  10. My PA has chosen to self-isolate to err on the side of caution – They are showing no symptoms and neither is anyone in their household – However I need them in work – what do i do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  11. My PA needs time off for childcare due to school closures – what do i do? – Update 27/3/2020
  12. My PA doesn’t meet the earnings threshold, therefore not eligible for SSP, but self-isolating – shall I pay SSP anyway? – updated 27/3/2020
  13. Is my Personal Assistant a key worker? – Updated 27/3/2020
  14. If only one of my PA’s is self-isolating – where do the other PA’s stand? – Updated 27/3/2020
  15. My PA has rang in sick, what shall I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  16. I have a Self-Employed PA, do I need to pay them sick pay? – Updated 27/3/2020
  17. If my PA needs time off work to look after a dependent. What should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  18. I have a backup PA on a Zero hours Contract. What should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  19. I don’t want my PA’s to financially struggle, can I enforce holiday leave so they still get pay whilst not in work? – Updated 27/3/2020
  20. As an employer my household is in self-isolation. Do i have to pay the Personal Assistant? – Updated 27/3/2020
  21. Is my employee entitled to sick pay if they are self-isolating for 12 weeks? – Updated 27/3/2020
  22. As a Service User I am self-isolating and therefore asking the PA to stay away from my home. What do I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  23. What if a family member who my PA lives with has symptoms of Coronavirus. What should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  24. I have a pre-existing condition or suppressed immune system, what should I do? – Updated 27/3/2020
  25. What should I do if I feel unwell but have not travelled to any of the affected areas or been in contact with anyone who has?
  26. What are the symptoms of coronavirus?
  27. What are the precautionary measures I should take?