What is our Payroll Service?

What is our Payroll Service?

If you are considering employing your own staff using Direct Payments or Independent Living Fund but don’t want to deal with all the paperwork then CILNI Payroll Service can help.


If you register to use the Payroll service we will calculate the wages and taxes for your staff and prepare records for HM Revenue and Customs.


We can also act on your behalf to ensure that your employees are enrolled through the Auto Enrolment Pension process to our chosen qualifying pension scheme in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Pension Regulator scheme.


The cost of the payroll service can be included in your Direct Payment or ILF award.


How does it work?


You tell us how many hours your employees have worked
We will work out the wages for each of your employees including tax and national insurance
We will send you a payslip for each employee
All you need to do is to give each employee a cheque for the calculated amount
We will tell you how much you need to pay HR Revenue and Customs every quarter
We will prepare the end of year returns for HM Revenue and Customs


How much will it cost?


Please note that with effect from 1 January 2012, the standard charge will increase to:

  • £25 for a monthly payroll
  • £25 for a 4-weekly payroll (or £27.09 if paid monthly instalments)


Download the Payroll Service leaflet (PDF).


For more information on CILNI Payroll Service, please contact your local Independent Living Adviser or, if they are not available, the payroll service team at:

Tel: 028 9064 8546
Fax: 028 9064 0598

Payroll email: Payroll@cilni.org.


Service users can access general information on the CILNI website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During regular business hours, service users who need more information or assistance can be transferred to a payroll advisor. Live assistance is available Monday to Friday as follows:

Morning: 10am to 12pm &  Afternoon: 2pm to 4pm.


A hard copy of our leaflet explianing our service is available on request

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