What is the difference a Direct Payent and Direct Payments?

What is the difference a Direct Payent and Direct Payments?

You may be confused about the term “Direct Payment”. This is because there are two government schemes with very similar names. The purpose of this information sheet is to give a brief explanation of the difference between the two schemes.


Direct Payments – arranging your own support


A Direct Payment is an amount of money that you may be able to get instead of social services provided by your local Health and Social Services Trust. The money will enable you to employ a Personal Assistant, or arrange with a care agency of your choice to provide support to you in a way that suits you best. Contact usfor further information.


Direct Payment – getting benefits into your bank account


Direct Payment is the way all state benefits, and pensions (including war pensions) will be paid in the future. Order books and giro-cheques are being phased out and your benefit or pension will be paid straight into your bank, building society or Post Office account instead.


For further information contact:


Direct Payment Help-line: 0800 107 5000
Text-phone: 0800 107 4000


To find out more, you should visit the website of the Social Security Agency.

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