What is the Independent Living Fund (ILF)

What is the Independent Living Fund (ILF)

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) is a Government funded discretionary scheme, which helps people who have both day and night care needs and who were getting the high rate care component of the formerly known Disability Living Allowance. Those helped under the scheme are able to receive a joint ILF/local authority funded care support package to help them live independently in the community rather than in residential care.

In June 2010, ILF announced that in order to safeguard existing ILF users awards, it would not be accepting any new applications for funding. On 13 December 2010, Maria Miller, the Minister for Disabled People, said in a written statement that the government will “fully protect the (ILF) programme budget for existing recipients of the ILF within the Department of Work and Pensions” and “support the ILF to continue to administer existing awards” throughout the current UK Parliament.  Subsequently, it was announced that the future of ILF (in line with many other Quangos) was to be reviewed by the Government.

The UK-wide Independent Living Fund (ILF) has now been closed since 1 July 2015. The Scottish Government then established a new organisation, Independent Living Fund (ILF) Scotland, to administer ILF for existing recipients of the fund in Scotland and Northern Ireland. ILF Scotland is a public body, governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by and accountable to Scottish Ministers. The Northern Ireland Executive Government took the decision that residents from Northern Ireland who received funding from the ILF UK would continue to receive funds through ILF Scotland when it was established in 2015.

ILF Scotland has therefore continued to provide funding to over 400 people in Northern Ireland from July 1st 2015 and funds are administered by the same staff that administer funds for people in Scotland. This funding enables individuals to pay for care so that they can be supported in their homes and within their local communities to live independent lives. During 2015/16, 99% of ILF Scotland recipients said it had improved the quality of their lives.

ILF Scotland remains closed to new applicants in Northern Ireland.

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