Independent Living and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Turkey

Turkey has become a beacon of progress in many walks of life. However, one area where Turkey has committed to making meaningful improvements comes in the development of support for disabled individuals. Being able to give disabled residents of Turkey more opportunities to live Independently and ultimately give more choice and control to the disabled

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates increase from 1 April 2022 

Employers should be aware that all minimum wage rates increase on 1 April of each year. This includes all National Minimum Wage rates and the National Living Wage rate. The new minimum wage rates apply to eligible workers in Northern Ireland from 1 April 2022.  Minimum wage – increased rates from April 2022  See table

Social care Personal Assistants to receive a pro-rata payment of up to £500

As with recognition payments to other health and social care workers, personal assistants will receive a pro-rata payment of up to a maximum of £500, depending on the number of hours they work in an average week. Those eligible to receive the recognition payment must have been employed for a continuous four-week period between March

Consultation and engagement session on the Reform of Adult Social Care.

Centre for Independent Living NI and The Omnibus Partnership invite you to join in a facilitated online consultation and engagement session on the Reform of Adult Social Care. Health Minister Robin Swann launched the public consultation on the Reform of Adult Social Care on 26 January 2022. It runs until 18 May 2022. The Consultation

CILNI Payroll user volunteers wanted!

Would you like to be able to access your payroll information online? Would you prefer to get payroll information outside of our office hours? We are introducing a new service called BrightPay Connect for our Payroll Service Users and would like to test the service on 50 volunteers to ensure that the system delivers an

Is your support backup plan in order?

Employing a Personal Assistant (PA) directly often means relying on one person to support you with your daily needs. For that reason, it’s important to have a backup plan ready in case your employee or support provider is sick or becomes unavailable. Here are a few quick tips that can help ensure that you’re ready

Trust Hourly Rate Uplifts – What do Direct Payment users need to consider?

We were delighted to see 4 of the 5 Health and Social Care Trusts in NI have now put up their Self Directed Support (SDS) hourly rate to £13.18 and backdated the uplift to April of this year. Although this is welcome news, for some, it can generate a little confusion in that many service

Payroll Christmas Hours

With Christmas around the corner and in anticipation of office closures over the festive period, we are asking that if you have the ability, to send us an advance notice of any changes to your December payroll by 13th December 2021 We appreciate that this may require you to make a forecast that might later

Debbie and Irene celebrate 20 years of service

We recently recognised the long service of two of our loyal employees who have been working at CILNI since the organisation was established in 2001. Debbie and Irene were both appointed as CIL Belfast employees in August 2001, the same year the charity was established.  (CIL Belfast changed its name to Centre for Independent Living

How to prepare for university with a disability

Getting ready for university life can be tricky. Knowing all the things to get ready before you go will help make the transition a lot easier. Most people start thinking about university well over a year before they end up going. There is certainly a long build-up awaiting results, confirmation of places, putting support in