Head & Eastern Area Office

Chief Executive: Bryan Myles

Operations and Business Manager / Deputy Chief Executive: Liz Esler

Independent Living Manager: Deena Nimick

Independent Living Advisers: Emilie Duncan, Chris Meneilly, Christine Hanvey

Independent Living Adviser Support: Irene McWatters

Administrators: Debbie Whitson and Vivienne Reid

Information Officer: Austen Burns

Payroll Service Manager: Kelly Robinson

Team Leader: Kevin McKegney

Finance Officer: Tom Coard

Accounts and Admin Assistant: Chelsea Watson

Payroll Team: Paul McGowan, Jackie King, Alice Comiskey, Pauline Czerniak, Ruston Whiffen, Karen Green, Andrew JohnsonBest, Rachel Burns, Connor Timmins, Hannah Wing, Catherine Lagan, Claudia Valerio Sinclair & Jack McCready

Southern Area Office

Independent Living Advisers: Claire Mohan

Assistant Independent Living Adviser: Eileen Donnelly

Western Area Office

Independent Living Advisers: Helen Anderson, Francine Caldwell, Rosemary Montague & Natalie O’Connell: Admin Support

Northern Area Office

Independent Living Advisers: Rachel Harkness &  Carla Bevin